Previously, my wifi-menu has been working fine and I could connect on my home network, but I noticed my GUI Network Manager wasn't working, so I used these commands.

systemctl enable NetworkManager.service
systemctl start NetworkManager.service

And networks popped up on my GUI, but now I can't connect to any of the displayed networks. After running:

sudo wifi-menu

It now gives me the output of:

Scanning for networks... n180211: Could not set interface 'p2p-dev-wlp1s0' UP
p2p-dev-wlp1s0: Failed to initialize driver interface

Now I cannot connect to the internet. I tried restarting systemctl, but that didn't work either.

  • what is the output of dmesg | tail after systemctl start NetworkManager.service and what is systemctl status NetworkManager.service telling you.
    – FaxMax
    Dec 1, 2017 at 20:58

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Since you use (or used) wifi-menu you are apparently using Arch Linux, or a derivative thereof. Here is what the Arch Wiki says about wireless configuration (my emphasis):

There are many solutions to choose from, but remember that all of them are mutually exclusive; you should not run two daemons simultaneously.

And this about NetworkManager:

You must ensure that no other service that wants to configure the network is running; in fact, multiple networking services will conflict.

In other words, in order for one to work - you need to disable the other. In this case, if you want to use NetworkManager, you need to disable netctl (and vice versa).

Read more here and here.

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