I shutdown my non-global zone and umount her point zfs zonepath.

command for umount:

zfs unmount -f zones-pool/one-zone


zfs list | grep one
zones-pool/one-zone                                  15,2G  9,82G    32K  /zones-fs/one-zone
zones-pool/one/rpool/ROOT/solaris               15,2G  9,82G  7,83G  /zones-fs/one/root

in the above, it is seen that there is an occupied space, 9.82G of 15.2G

more details:

# zfs get mountpoint zones-pool/one-zone
NAME                       PROPERTY    VALUE                      SOURCE
zones-pool/one-zone        mountpoint  /zones-fs/one-zone          local

# zfs get mounted zones-pool/one-zone
NAME                       PROPERTY  VALUE  SOURCE
zones-pool/one-zone         mounted   no     -
but, if I try mount point zfs

I can not see the content

step 1 mount:

zfs mount zones-pool/one-zone

step 2 see mount with df -h:

df -h | grep one
zones-pool/one-zone/rpool/ROOT/solaris    25G    32K       9,8G     1%    /zones-fs/one-zone/root
zones-pool/one-zone    25G    32K       9,8G     1%    /zones-fs/one-zone

step 3 list content:

ls -l /zones-fs/one-zone/root
total 0


also in step 2, you see that df -h prints 1% used

I do not understand

  • try do do: zoneadm -z nameofyourzone attach -a – ludiegu Dec 4 '17 at 8:28

Not sure I completely follow what you're trying to do. But you also don't show any output for your zone's config, or even the version of Solaris (10 or 11?). And I can't tell if you're trying to do something for a zone called one or called one-zone.

For starters maybe post: zoneadm list -iv which may also give us the state of your zones. And toss in a svcs -x for good measure.

And my guess as to why you may be seeing things that you're not expecting to see is that you ran your zfs unmount command with a -f to force the unmount. So something was probably using the mount, and perhaps also preventing you to be able to remount.

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