How to replace system beep with a pleasant sound in Debian? I do not want to turn it off entirely as it signalizes some notification.

All I managed to found was just manuals to how to turn it off entirely, or "how to-s" for Ubuntu that is unfortunately not proper for Debian (or I did not manage to apply them at least).

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    The procedure will most likely be specific to the desktop environment you're using, so you'll need to identify that: Gnome, KDE or something else? Also, identifying the version of Debian you're using would also be helpful.
    – telcoM
    Apr 22, 2018 at 7:17

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If you are using pulseaudio, you should be able to set the system beep using the module-x11-bell module. In /etc/pulse/default.pa, put in:

load-sample-lazy x11-bell /path/to/sound/file
load-module module-x11-bell sample=x11-bell

and it should work!


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