Recently I've been trying to enable spice in container using Docker for remote display, I've discovered two applicable resources to do so. First one is the xspice, if I should call it so, which contained in xserver-xspice package. Second one is x11spice. The thing is, I'm not quite sure about the differences between them, can some one kindly explain about them? I would appreciate that!


Quoting xserver-xspice project:

A standalone server that is both an X server and a Spice server. Iow, you get a new DISPLAY to launch X clients against, and you can view and interact with them via a spice client.

Conversely, x11spice is:

x11spice connects a running X server as a Spice server.

So the crucial difference is that with xserver-xspice, you start a new xserver, and inevitably a new session. With x11spice you are getting a spice interface to an already existing xserver and an existing session. For example, there seems to be no way to use xserver-xspice to connect to an existing screen/desktop.

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