I have learned how to generate a palette image from a source image using ImageMagick:

convert source.png -colors 256 -unique-colors -scale 1000% palette.png

An image with a single row of colors, such as the following, is output:

Single row palette

However, I would like set a value to limit the number of squares/columns, & start a new row when that number is reached. So the output should look more like this:

Multi-row palette

Is it possible to do this with ImageMagick? Or is there another method to do so?

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What you can do, for example, is crop the long line into 4 parts (each of 25%), and then join them one under the other (-append):

convert source.png -colors 256 -unique-colors -scale 1000% \
 -crop 25%x100% -append palette.png

This is not quite what you asked for, but by varying the percentage you can vary the crop point, or you can use a fixed width in pixels, like -crop 63x100% to get exactly the example output you provided.

  • This is what I needed. But I did slightly change the command to suit what I wanted. I avoided using a percentage in crop argument: $ convert source.png -colors 255 -unique-colors -scale 1000% -crop 120x10 -append -type Palette palette.png. Using 100% instead of 10 (pixels) seems to change the outcome. Dec 4, 2017 at 7:58

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