I found that I can save man page into ps format:

man -t man > file.ps

or to pdf:

man -t man | ps2pdf - file.pdf

Apart from the man page itself, the export includes man version, page numbers and date.

2.6.2    2012-06-18     1

How can I remove the date ? How can I configure what is added ?

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    You could edit the troff source by hand before piping it to postscript. Nov 26 '17 at 16:11

The date is set in the source code for the man page

-bash-4.2$ man -w man
-bash-4.2$ zcat $(man -w man) | fgrep 2012
.TH MAN 1 "2012-09-17" "2.6.3" "Manual pager utils"

Not portably, as OpenBSD for example instead places the date in .Dd

$ man -w man
$ grep 2017 $(man -w 1 man)
.\"     $OpenBSD: man.1,v 1.30 2017/08/19 22:05:22 schwarze Exp $
.\" Copyright (c) 2010, 2011, 2014-2017 Ingo Schwarze <schwarze@openbsd.org>
.Dd $Mdocdate: August 19 2017 $

In either case your options are limited; either edit the source to remove or change the date, or write your own troff parser that does the same.

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