Can i set port forwarding on my router? Will the connection be encrypted then?

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  • Yes, you can forward any port. What is "opinion based" is the Will it be secure? part. Secure by what measure? By goverment standards or by a "I don't care" user? Secure using which protocols ssh or telnet? etc. No that is not a simple question (and less an answer) by any measure. – Isaac Nov 25 '18 at 21:18

Short answer: yes. Read more about how ssh encryption works here.

However, I suggest that you read up on how to secure (harden) ssh to protect yourself against brute force attacks and whatnot.

Plus maybe set a limit on port 22 in a local firewall (I personally use ufw and consider it a good tool: http://man.he.net/man8/ufw), or use a tool like fail2ban.

Follow this link: https://is.gd/lk5mIs for a bunch of good advice.

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