We want to try out OpenBSD on desktop, but using the -current flavor:


-current: The -current branch is where active development work is done.
Every six months, -current is tagged and becomes the next-release.

Where can I download the installer ISO for this flavor and how do I keep the installed -current flavor up-to-date?

pkg_add handles ports, but this is about the main OS, so it must be something else with we can update the binary files.


Download the snapshot for your platform and install it. When you want to update the base, download the file bsd.rd from the snapshot directory in the mirror, copy it to / and reboot. Run boot bsd.rd in the boot loader prompt and reply u in the question which the installer asks you. That's all.


If you already have stable installed, you can change to current with the following instructions:

  1. doas ftp -o /bsd.rd https://cloudflare.cdn.openbsd.org/pub/OpenBSD/snapshots/amd64/bsd.rd

  2. Reboot your machine with doas reboot

  3. Type: boot bsd.rd at bootloader prompt

  4. Select U(Upgrade) at first prompt question

  5. After upgrading everything and after rebooting again, type: doas pkg_add -u to get all the most recent updates since your installation.


If you're installing from scratch, instead of installing stable (6.4 as of today), you can just download the snapshot installXX.iso for your arch and install as usual.

Once in a while you'll need to upgrade to the actual -current. You can use the bsd.rd method (recommanded), the manual one (extracting the sets - like for a remote machine you don't have console access) or using a tool like snap.

Anyhow, following current.html is quite mandatory, and be sure to always upgrade from stable to current from a snapshot (not compiling from source) as stated in said page.

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