I am using Asus zenbook pro ux501vw and have recently successfully installed fedora 27 and then shut down with it. When I restarted it for the very first time, I typed in my password and it went to a screen with a logo of some sort in white and a blackish background and froze there. I have 2 graphics cards SSD Storage Name anything and I will tell you but please do give me your assistance. Thank you very much your your time.


I have this freeze issue after upgrade Fedora from 25 to 26. Then I upgrade Fedora from 26 to 27, it still same issue. [UPDATE] It also happened on Ubuntu 17.04 upgraded to Ubuntu 17.10 by do-release-upgrade in my another Dell laptop. Remove EasyScreenCast works but still Ctrl+Alt+FN are freeze and no solution yet.

I tried sudo dnf update --refresh --best --allowerasing but seems no effect. Then I change login gear icon option from "Gnome" to "Gnome on Xorg", it doesn't freeze.

Eventually I able to choose "Gnome" without freeze by removed EasyScreenCast extension directory located in ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions , refer to this answer. Note that you don't have to remove other extensions. You can login with "Gnome on Xorg" to remove it if Ctrl+Alt+FN not working.

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    Interestingly for me, Gnome on Xorg option is the one that freezes, and Gnome works just fine :( – mhz Jan 28 '18 at 5:57

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