[~]$ kill %123

bash: kill: %123: no such job

[~]$ kill %123 2>&1 > /dev/null

bash: kill: %123: no such job

I want to disable all output during killing background jobs.

The first output is expected. However, the second output is not.

As showed in the command line, I add 2>&1 to redirect stderr to stdout, and use > /dev/null to redirect all output to null device. But the output is still showed on the terminal.

Any explanations?

Thanks in advance.

Updated Information:

The following command works as expected:

kill %123 > /dev/null 2>&1

The output redirection is a property of the process. Therefor when redirecting with 2>&1 this sets the current output of stdout to stderr which is the current TTY then the following > sets the stdout to /dev/null which leaves stderr set to the TTY. In your updated information you've correctly set the stdout first so both end up being /dev/null.

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