In a previous post this was mentioned by @Celada in the Enhanced version section: Use NIC bonding with independent switches

My situation:
one centos 7.2 host with 4 100G NICs - all connected to ToR:





Requirement: How to configure an extra loopback addr on the centos host and publish it as a single IP for HA/LB access for client machines within the rack, for iSCSI data-path access for storage.


Quoting the answer you cited:

Configure with ip addr add dev lo

So subnet 3 corresponds to the server resource. Edit /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-* and systemctl restart network. Quagga will pick this up and send link-state advertisements out your four NICs, or fewer during a NIC outage e.g. when you unplug one.

Clients, such as iSCSI initiators, will refer to HA address, transparently sending via one of the four NICs that is currently up.

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