I have a problem to compare a long list of names.

RamaKrishna  KrishnaRama 
IndiaUS      USIndia

shall be compared and they are to be declared as equal.

I wanted to solve this by rearranging all characters in each word alphabetically like this

adiiNSU adiiNSU

then comparing each word. How can I do this using bash script.

  • show how should look the expected output – RomanPerekhrest Nov 23 '17 at 8:03
  • are the words always in pair in each line which are to be compared? what did you try to solve this yourself? – Sundeep Nov 23 '17 at 8:33

Extended GNU AWK solution:

Sample inputfile contents:

RamaKrishna  KrishnaRama 
IndiaUS      USIndia
UkraineMotherland RepublicUkraine

awk 'BEGIN{ PROCINFO["sorted_in"]="@str_val_asc" }
         len=split($1,w1,""); split($2,w2,""); asort(w1); asort(w2); not_eq=0; 
         for (i=1; i<=len; i++) if (w2[i]=="" || w1[i] != w2[i]) { not_eq=1; break } 
         print $0,"-",(not_eq? "not equal":"equal") 
     }' inputfile

The output:

RamaKrishna  KrishnaRama  - equal
IndiaUS      USIndia - equal
UkraineMotherland RepublicUkraine - not equal

I'd use perl here:

perl -Mopen=locale -lane '
  sub rearrange {
    return join "", sort split("", $_[0])
  print if rearrange($F[0]) eq rearrange($F[1])' < file

Would print those lines of file where the first field is the same as the second after that rearranging.

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