How can I do this with an array? (without storing the array as regular variable)

VAR='String1 String2 String3'
SELECT * FROM db.table WHERE xy IN ( ${VAR// /, } );

not working example:

SELECT * FROM db.table WHERE xy IN ( ${ARRAY[@]// /, } );

The array expansion & replacement is working, but there are no spaces in your array elements. Compare with:

$ array=("one two" three four)
$ echo "${array[@]/ /, }"
one, two three four

You're trying to re-join the array elements with a comma & space (,) between them. I'll stealcopy one of glenn jackman's answers in this vein:

$ array=(String1 String2 String3)
$ joined=$( set -- "${array[@]}"; IFS=,; echo "$*" )

Then you can use:

SELECT * FROM db.table WHERE xy IN "$joined"

As an example:

$ array=("String1 String2" String3 String4)
$ joined=$( set -- "${array[@]}"; IFS=,; echo "$*" )
$ echo "$joined"
String1 String2,String3,String4

I don't know off-hand what you'll need to do to the SQL to quote array elements (Strings) that contain spaces (if any).

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