[*] 111, 22, 33, 44



Using sed command sed 's/^\[\*\][[:space:]]*//' file were able to display the output as 111, 22, 33, 44 which means space still there.

So what is the correct sed command?

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    If you just want to remove certain characters I find the GNU version of tr easier to use, which supports a -d parameter to delete characters instead of translating them and also supports certain character classes. In this case just tr -d '[*][:space:]' might work well for you. But if you really meant to only change lines with a [*] prefix you would be better of with sed. Nov 21, 2017 at 15:01

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The short answer is that this should do what you want:

sed 's/[][*]\|[[:space:]]//g'

Test it out like so:

echo '[*] 111, 22, 33, 44' | sed 's/[][*]\|[[:space:]]//g'



A longer explanation follows.

The key ingredient that your expression was missing was the use of the g command to perform global substitution. Without this command only the first match on each line will be replaced.

The most counter-intuitive bit (in my opinion) of my solution is how to include the square brackets inside a character class. For that, we refer to the sed manual:

    ends the bracket expression if it’s not the first list item.
    So, if you want to make the ‘]’ character a list item, you must put it first.

For further discussion on that topic, see the following post on SeverFault:

Alternatively, you could have taken your expression and piped it into another sed command, e.g.:

echo '[*] 111, 22, 33, 44' \
| sed 's/^\[\*\]//' \
| sed 's/[[:space:]]//g'
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