I have several Ubuntu Server 16.04 VMs. One of these is my fileserver and has a ZFS mirror. I want to mount filesystems in the mirror to various different client VMs. I can successfully do so when the firewall (ufw) is disabled using something like this:

mount -t nfs4 server:/tank/filesystem /filesystem

As well as when configuring them to mount at boot with /etc/fstab, but when I ufw enable and allow traffic to my local subnet

ufw allow from to any port 2049

the connection is refused by the server.

According to my searches, NFS v4 should only need this port and only over TCP. I have seen various guides/posts enabling an assortment of ports for older versions of NFS, but this seems to me to be unnecessary. I have also seen a few guides on setting up the nfs server by modifying /etc/exports, but I was under the impression that nfs configurations at the server level were not required when the nfs share is being handled by ZFS.

So I guess my question is: If my goal is to mount a ZFS filesystem using nfs on local subnet client VMs, what is the best way to configure the firewall and/or nfs-server to enable this?

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It appears that the exports in /etc/exports are in fact required:

/tank/filesystem1    192.168.1.XXX(rw,sync,no_subtree_check)

After restarting the nfs-kernel-server, the shares mounted with the above command. Now to figure out the permissions...

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