I cannot get lsb_release module to work in python 2.7 or 3 on debian 9. I haven't tried on debian 8 yet but I need it to work on both.

Here's what I tried:

import lsb_release

it returned {} I don't get an import error, I don't know why it doesn't work. Also, when running a script via sudo with user = os.environ['SUDO_USER'] I get a key error, SUDO_USER doesn't exist? What gives?

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Please don’t ask multiple questions in one.

Regarding your first question, you should use get_distro_information() instead. get_lsb_information() is used internally to load overrides from /etc/lsb-release; get_distro_information() uses that, along with other methods in the class, to provide the appropriate information.

Regarding your second question, if SUDO_USER really isn’t present in the environment exported by sudo (run sudo env to check), that probably means that your sudoers configuration deletes the variable from the environment.


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