As part of an exercice at my University, we need to do the following task:

  • Respect the «least Privileges» rule.
  • Create 5 users groups, each one has its own folder (G1 => Folder_G1)
  • Grant user G1_Stefan the right to read the folder Folder_G2

So what I did is the following:

[Stefan@centos---exam ffhs]$ getfacl verkauf
# file: verkauf
# owner: root
# group: Verkauf

Stefan has access to the folder "hr" because he is an employee of the HR department. He is nevertheless a special user because he should have read access only to the "verkauf" (= sales). All his colleagues of the HR department have no right to access the "verkauf" folder.

This is why, for the "verkauf" folder, I set special ACL permissions to the group HR (---) and an exception for the user Stefan (r--).

The thing is that it does not work:

[Stefan@centos---exam ffhs]$ cd verkauf
bash: cd: verkauf: Permission denied   

And I do not know how to get around with it.

Thanks for your help.


You also need to have search (execute) +x permission for the directory to able cd into it.

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