I'm trying to setup mbsync and mutt to work with imap mail (normal imap provided by web hosting company). In my muttrc for this account I have:

set trash = "+Trash"

But when I try to delete message in mutt I get this notification:

Create /home/{user}/.mail/{email-folder}/trash? ([yes]/no)

mbsync has synced Trash folder from server. I have even setup mbox_type to Maildir. Why is this happening and how can I force mutt to use Trash folder?

  • maybe other settings changes this variable, anyway you can try to see its value when you have open your mailbox with command: :set ?trash – mrajner Nov 20 '17 at 9:57

It should work when you set it like this:

set trash = "+{email-folder}/Trash"

For some reason I don't set the trash variable at all and it works even with multiple accounts. (Each account with it's own Trash.)

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