I've setup public key authentication for enabling SSH connection into my university machine. However, it only logs me in on the local machine and doesn't give me Kerberos credentials which I need for accessing my network folder. This causes problems with tools like git.

Is there a way for me to automatically get Kerberos credentials when connecting through SSH without entering my Kerberos password?

My client machine is OSX 10.6 and my university machine is Ubuntu 12.04


Kerberos will work only if you authenticate to Kerberos-enabled server by password. You can:

  • set up kerberos trust for the incoming user if the user is already authenticated by known realm;
  • enable GSSAPI forwarding of credentials on ssh client and server ('ssh -K', GSSAPIAuthentication for sshd), this would work if server and client belongs to the same kerberos domain.

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