I'm in need of an application that would let me define a set of vertices (handles) on top of an image layer, derive a DeLaunay triangulated mesh from those handles, and allow me to reposition the handles to obtain a linearly interpolated stretched mutation of the original image. Something like what they do when morphing, this time only without a target image.

Optimally the tool would be a GIMP plugin. The Handle transform tool, Warp tool or the N-point deformation tool do not fit for various reasons, effectively because the do not do the thing that's required here. And of course I'm asking for a free lunch.

Could the Photoshop trial do that? Instructions? I think PhotoPlus would do if it 1) was free and 2) allows straight lines instead of curves. I can live with the orthogonal grid instead of triangular. It seems that even Paint Shop Pro would suffice. Let's see if the trial can do that, and if the grid is freely definable. Oh, here it is, as a command line tool: Imagemagick's Meshwarp. Now, if somebody had embedded this into GIMP...

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I ended up with Fred's Imagemagick script Meshwarp even though it's not WYSIWYG.

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