NAME                UUID                                  TYPE            DEVICE
Wired connection 1  d1b2ff35-4d72-3bd5-a8e2-d3d9fefce205  802-3-ethernet  eth2
admin               6186afb2-7253-4805-9a10-5d13c6baca0f  802-3-ethernet  eth0
[root@oa1 ~]# nmcli c d "Wired connection 1"
Error: 'Wired connection 1' is not an active connection.
Error: no active connection provided.

When I tried to delete Wired connection 1 it says no active connection . How can I reset the network connection to initial OS configuration ?


Use the following command:

nmcli connection delete connection_name

To remove the Wired connection 1:

nmcli connection delete  "Wired connection 1"

or by its UUID:

nmcli connection delete d1b2ff35-4d72-3bd5-a8e2-d3d9fefce205

The man nmcli:


nmcli connection {show | up | down | modify | add | edit | clone |
                    delete | monitor | reload | load | import | export}

don't use quotes use \

nmcli connection delete Wired\ connection\ 1 (if you try to ls into (with the tab ) you will see exact spelling ex: /etc/SystemManager/Systemconnecitons my system is down so sorry for exact spelling.

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