Hibernation sometimes works, but many times:

  • Screen flashes then goes blank, black, or just returns to desktop view.
  • Everything freezes entirely, not even typing in the blind works.
  • Nothing happens after 1-2 seconds of disk I/O.

System setup:

  • Nvidia Optimus using bumblebee and proprietary drivers.
  • ArchLinux with everything at the latest
  • Unencrypted drives
  • bumblebee fails after wake from suspend, which I don't know if related.

There are not errors or anything in journalctl, except that the log ends with:

Nov 16 14:20:34 localhost kernel: PM: Syncing filesystems ...

How can I dig further in the issue or how to resolve it? I waited about 5 minutes at that hibernation attempt before I force-shutdown the PC.