I have a JSON file with thousands of records line by line in the following structure, with different values.


{"in": 5,"li": [{"st": 1508584161,"abc": 128416626,"ta": 33888}],"usr": {"is": "222108923573880","ie": "222108923573880"},"st2": 1508584161,"ei": {"ev": 0,"rt": 10},"rn": 947794,"st1": 1508584161}
{"in": 5,"li": [{"st": 1508584174,"abc": 128572802,"ta": 33504}],"usr": {"is": "222108923573880","ie": "222108923573880"},"st2": 1508584174,"ei": {"ev": 0,"rt": 19},"rn": 947795,"st1": 0}
{"in": 5,"li": [{"st": 1508584145,"abc": 279682,"ta": 50000}],"usr": {"is": "222108923573880","ie": "222108923573880"},"st2": 1508584145,"ei": {"ev": 0,"rt": 18},"rn": 947796,"st1": 1508584145}
{"in": 5,"li": [{"st": 1508584183,"abc": 1378680,"ta": 49840}],"usr": {"is": "222108923573880","ie": "222108923573880"},"st2": 1508584183,"ei": {"ev": 0,"rt": 10},"rn": 947797,"st1": 1508584186}
{"nt": 4}

I am trying to select objects (records) in the JSON file that match the following criteria and output to another file.

st1 is < or = st2

st1 is not 0

st2 is not 0

st1 is less than 2147483647

st2 is less than 2147483647

In the output, the footer of the original file ({"nt": 4}) should also be in the output file, so it can be edited with the new records count

Example of output file:

{"in": 5,"li": [{"st": 1508584161,"abc": 128416626,"ta": 33888}],"usr": {"is": "222108923573880","ie": "222108923573880"},"st2": 1508584161,"ei": {"ev": 0,"rt": 10},"rn": 947794,"st1": 1508584161} 
{"nt": 1}

I have the following:

jq -c 'select((.st1 > 0 and .st2 > 0 and .st1 < .st2) or (.st1 < 214748647 and .st2 < 214748647 and .st1 > 0 and .st2 > 0 and .st1 < .st2)) file.json

I have tried various permutations but it is not capturing the correct records.

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    the above json is invalid without commas , separating objects ... } , {... – RomanPerekhrest Nov 15 '17 at 11:39
  • Update your question with a VALID json structure – RomanPerekhrest Nov 15 '17 at 11:54
  • Another problem: 0002 is not valid in JSON, and neither is 00000000000" (missing quote?). – Satō Katsura Nov 15 '17 at 11:54
  • Updated the structure. – Booboo Nov 15 '17 at 12:04
  • @Booboo, still invalid, all objects should be items of an array. Otherwise, the above is just a text lines containing separate independent (therefore unrelated) objects – RomanPerekhrest Nov 15 '17 at 12:21

With the correct numbers, a straightforward translation of you conditions works:

$ jq -c 'select(.st1 <= .st2 and 
                .st1 > 0 and .st2 > 0 and 
                .st1 < 2147483647 and .st2 < 2147483647)' file.json 

Note the closing ', and no double parenthesis. I don't understand why you split the conditions into two and clauses connected by or, that's not what your conditions say.

Anyway, that captures the correct records; now we only have to add the footer. That's easiest with an additional step, shortening the select clause from above for brevity:

jq -c 'select ...' file.json > out.json
printf '{"nt":%i}\n' `wc -l < out.json` >> out.json 

I guess one can also do it with a complicated jq expression, but I didn't try that.

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