I want to remove Google calendar tasks from Gnome calendar. I never really configured Gnome to show Google tasks but I think Evolution automatically integrated them.

I did find some instructions on how to enable this integration, but they teach how to do it using Gnome's "online accounts" settings. I have no online account configured in my Gnome settings.

There are a few options on Evolution's account settings related to the calendar but they did not remove tasks from Gnome calendar.


Got the same problem for a while, I just went into evolution client, and deleted the google account from Preferences>accounts that solved it, the google authentication has not appeared so far, try it out.

I guess evolution will automatically integrate with gnome calendar, kind of sucks tho, it would be nice to opt-In, I don't really use calendars and when I stopped using evolution completely forgot thats when gnome started prompting for google calendar access. Your question helped me remember that, so thank you.

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