In a CentOS 7 installation I installed OrangeScrum (which is a standard PHP application copied to /var/www/html). When I type the server IP I get the Apache test page and if I have an index.html page it will be displayed. And when I type the server-ip/orangescrum for example I get the web app. All this is fine.

Moving on to a server with Scientific Linux 7 I did the same, but when I install the app to the Apache and typing the server ip alone I get the app itself not the Apache status nor the index.html if any. Nothing has been done to httpd.conf except adding a virtual host definition like here

What am I missing to do in order to get the root index or the Apache test pages to work?

  • Maybe a silly question, however, what is in /var/www/html on your Scientific Linux 7 system ? Do you have an .htaccess file with redirect there ? – thecarpy Nov 14 '17 at 7:57

Please delete the existing index.html file from /var/www/html directory or rename it to something line index.html.back. Then you shall start seeing your application while typing IP address.

Your server indexing .html file before .php file. Sub folders of the application doesn't have any .html file. So, it's working fine.

If this solve your issue update your virtual host configuration as follows

DirectoryIndex index.php index.phtml index.html index.htm

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