I'm working on an embedded device with a limited amount of programs for managing the network.

I ended up using the command:

iwconfig wlan1 essid "myWifi" key "s:password"

At times this works but I have to run dhclient wlan1 after.

Can someone break down this iwconfig command?

It seems that running the command above doesn't actually cause my interface to make a connection. It just tells it what to connect to when it does connect?

Also how should I go about logging the results of using this command?

Edit: this seems to be the source (though the version doesn't seem up to date)


The command:

iwconfig wlan1 essid "myWifi" key "s:password"

will associate the wifi device with the Access Point

The command :

dhclient wlan1

is used to get an IP address through DHCP

You can assign an IP address manually (without using dhclient command):

ifconfig wlan1  xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

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