Getting to know AWS -- it's interesting. Running 16.04 xenial on AWS and looking to install dolibarr. On 17.10, where I have a GUI, dolibarr installs fine.

Few questions about running web servers/apps on AWS. (AFAIK apache web server is used to serve pages.)

The install process, at least on Ubuntu 17.10, involves navigating to localhost/dolibarr to complete the configuration. How would this be accomplished? Navigate to the Elastic IP (EIP) as xxx.xxx.xxx/dolibarr? That seems unlikely and not a very secure way to configure.

Perhaps use lynx from the CLI to navigate to localhost/dolibarr?

Once configured, just browse to the EIP from any outside client?


lynx kinda sorta worked for configuring dolibarr on aws. I got a login page at the end of the day. However, I don't recall being prompted for some details, like the administrator login. Unfortunately, it hung and displayed SQL -- I think a command to create a table. Eventually I just opened a new ssh connection and used lynx to navigate, again, to localhost/dolibarr where I was prompted to login. Success?

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Probably the best (and probably simplest) solution is to start an ssh port forwarding tunnel, listening on of your client machine, but forwarding the http requests to on your server machine. On this way, you will be able to access the on the server machine by connecting on your client (i.e. from any browser).

As you can see in the link, the command is

ssh -L 80: your.remote.machine.com

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