The default "pseudo-gui" of the MPV video player after version 0.21.

Old look:

enter image description here

new look:

enter image description here

The most striking change is the absence of the buttons for a 10 seconds back-forth seek. I suppose they removed those because the mouse wheel is the default way to seek back & forth; only, that function can be changed (in ~/.config/mpv/input.conf, more here): for example, I use mouse-wheel to change the volume. Also, the old buttons were bigger and therefore easier to use.

Is there a way to go back to the old interface?

This question is posted in order to provide an answer.


According to the mpv FAQ ~ HERE:

Create a lua-settings/osc.conf text file inside mpv’s configuration directory (that is: ~/.config/mpv/lua-settings/osc.conf) with these lines:


Other options for the on-screen-display - here.

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