This tutorial says the following:

Every session is tied to a terminal from which processes in the session get their input and to which they send their output.

I think that this statement is incorrect, because say that I opened some program from the terminal (this program/process will be in the session connected to the terminal) and I redirected this program's stdout to a file. Now the program is not sending its output to the terminal.

Am I correct?

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The statement correctly describes the nominal case: open a terminal, run a shell in its own session in this terminal, and run further programs from the shell. You are correct that the statement is not true in general: any process can send output and receive input from anywhere, not just the session's controlling terminal. Shell redirections are the most common way to make a process's standard input or output be something other than the terminal.

Don't expect a tutorial to cover all the cases. If it did, it would be incomprehensible.

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