I have a simple script that checks if an interface is connected:

connected=$(ping -I $1 -qc 1 \
  && echo "connected" \
  || echo "not connected")

echo "$connected" | tail -n1

I'm expecting that it should simply return "connected" or "not connected". When I actually use the script I always get back a warning before my output.

ping: Warning: source address might be selected on device other than enp0s25.
not connected

What is with the warning here, shouldn't it be part of the subshell?

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    Aside from redirecting standard error, wouldn't it be much simpler as if ping ... ; then echo "connected" ; else echo "not connected"; fi? – Nate Eldredge Nov 12 '17 at 1:28

The warning is sent to ping’s standard error, which isn’t captured. If you want to ignore it, redirect it to /dev/null explicitly:

connected=$(ping -I $1 -qc 1 2>/dev/null \
  && echo "connected" \
  || echo "not connected")

echo "$connected" | tail -n1
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