I know there are other posts here asking how to install python 3.6, but all I want is a version of python 3. The repos seem to have python 3.4, which is fine but the problem is that apt-get is not responding in a way that makes sense. When I try the command apt-get install python3 I get the response:

python3 is already the newest version.

This is despite the fact that python -V command tells me python is 2.7.9. How do I install python 3 please?

  • python2.7 is set as default ,python 3 is already installed try python3 -V – GAD3R Nov 10 '17 at 12:04

The default python interpreter is Python 2. If you want to run Python 3, you need to use the command python3. I would expect running python3 -V would give you Python 3.4.x.

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The tow version of python is already installed on your system , to list them :

 update-alternatives --list python

sample output:


To set python3 as default run:

update-alternatives --config python

Choose python 3.5

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