First, i have a "16.04 LTS" version of ubuntu. When i run the command "sudo apt-get install libopenmpi-dbg", unfortunately that note "E: unable to locate package libopenmpi-dbg" show to me and the package no installed.

what should i do?


There is no libopenmpi-dbg was last packaged for precise (12.04), so if you really require libopenmpi-dbg, Debian does provide this package.

Likely installing the Debian package will work.

Just be very careful about this.

When I install Debian packages on Ubuntu systems, I download only the one .deb file I require, rather than setting up a Debian repository, as sometimes setting up Debian repositories causes problems with co-mingled Ubuntu + Debian packages.

Better to only download the exact .deb files you require, so you can deinstall them easily.

  • On debian the package is only available for debian Wheezy , if you try to install it on a higher distro you will get Unmet dependencies error. – GAD3R Nov 9 '17 at 12:53

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