I installed memtest86+ from the Debian stable repositories; I'm using stretch/stable. However, when I select any of its options from the boot menu, I just get a black screen.

I have not added new memory to the system; I'm planning to, however, which is why I installed the programs.

How do I debug/fix this? I'm not sure where, if anywhere, it stores its log files, and I have the same problem if I install memtest86 instead of memtest86+.

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    I have the same issue excepted that the screen is not black, it still contains the grub background image. – jlh Aug 30 '18 at 15:42
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    Same here! When I use the machine with a background, like @jih, the background image is frozen. When I use a machine with no background image, then the screen becomes black. I get it with both, memtest86+ and memtest86. – André Caldas Jan 4 at 3:09
  • This blocked me, as well. I've had success with the memtest86 live image: memtest86.com/download.htm – Peter Becich Feb 10 at 2:47

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