I'm having an issue creating an ldap (apacheDS) user and then changing that user's password using the admin account.

I'm able to add an ldap user using the admin user:

# ldapadd -D cn=admin,dc=mytest,dc=local -W -h ldap01.mytest.local -f /tmp/atest.ldif
adding new entry "uid=atest,cn=MyClients,ou=Users,dc=mytest,dc=local"

But I'm then unable to change the user's password using the same admin user:

# ldappasswd -x -h ldap01.mytest.local -D cn=admin,dc=mytest,dc=local -W -s Someword uid=atest,cn=MyClients,ou=Users,dc=mytest,dc=local
ber_scanf: Success
Result: Insufficient access (50)
Additional info: Non-admin user cannot access another user's password to modify it

Any suggestions to why or what I might be doing wrong would be welcome.

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