When clicking the clock, or date and time, in the Panel of GNOME shell, a popup displays a calendar browsable for events from connected or local calendars. (As far as I know, the date is fetched from the evolution-data-server.) An account may provide multiple different calendars.

In the gnome-calendar app, one can choose which calendars to display via a menu button. Optimally, I would like for the calendar application to show all calendars while only showing a few in the panel applet. Is is possible to choose the calendars showing up in the panel? If yes, where does the option hide?

  • Here's the Gnome Calendar webpage ... I don't use gnome or evolution ... prefer very plain openbox as processor cycles are precious for calculations and simulations... However, it seems from the screenshots that there is a calendar selection gui. Nov 7, 2017 at 1:24


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