I'm trying to copy the yaml files in my project to a dist folder, preserving the structure. However it is copying node_modules which I don't want. How do I exclude with rsync and why does my below command not work?

rsync -R --exclude=node_modules ./**/**.yaml dist

Note I've tried the variants, etc:

rsync -R --exclude= node_modules ./**/**.yaml dist
rsync -R --exclude 'node_modules' ./**/**.yaml dist

my folder structure:


and I want the above to show up in my dist as:


I have managed to get this working as follow:

$ rsync -r --exclude="node_modules" projectroot/* dist/

I ended up going with:

rsync -avrmR --exclude='node_modules/' --include='*/' --include='*.yaml' --exclude='*' ./ ./dist

How it works is it first excludes anything in the node_modules folder, then includes all directories and then includes only yaml files and then excludes everything else.

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