I have an asymmetric triple-head linux box. It's hosting a Windows 10 VM with GPU passthrough, which I'd like to also have triple-head soft display on the Linux host.

Is there any way to use Spice to expose my NVidia display to virt-viewer?

What I've tried:

  • Manually switching the three monitors and having a second keyboard and mouse. This got old very fast.
  • Running tightvnc on the guest. Couldn't figure out how to do cross-platform triple-head, and the performance wasn't great anyhow.
  • Reinstalled Spice/QXL, and tried to use Actual Multiple Monitors to mirror the GPU display onto the QXL display. Couldn't make it go.

Not technically an answer to my (slightly XY) question, but Xfreerdp supports multi-monitor RDP quite nicely, and windows guests conveniently come with the server already installed. Here's the commandline I needed to connect to a Windows 10 guest.

xfreerdp +nego +sec-rdp +sec-tls +sec-nla /multimon /smart-sizing /v:guestname


  • it automatically goes to full-screen, and the only way out is with ctrl-alt-enter (or r-ctrl in v2).
  • Obviously, for the host-to-guest connection to work, you have to be using bridged networking
  • If your distro doesn't have v2 by default, jump through the hoops to get it. If for nothing else, it's worth it to be able to tap r-ctrl in fullscreen in order to have your mouse and keyboard un-grabbed. Lets you switch to a different workspace with no hassle.
  • On Windows 7, you must have Ultimate or Enterprise. Pro just gives you one large desktop spanning all your monitors. Windows 10 appears to support multi-monitor RDP across the board.

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