I want to statically assign the IP address of my Arch linux using php. I want to change the IP by using netmask,interface,broadcast,address & gateway. The user puts up the values into a html page. The html page posts the data to the PHP page. I want to change the ip using this data. ho to do this?? please help me on this.

Can Files be used?

I was thinking of writing directly into the rc.conf using files!!...will this work and how??.. I have my arch linux up with apache & php..any of the help is appreciate.

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If you want to change IP permanently you need to modify values in rc.conf. After that modification you need to restart network service. You can do that in two ways:

/etc/rc.d/network restart


rc.d restart network

To modify rc.conf and restart service you need root privileges. As running apache as root isn't good idea I would recommend creating some wrapper that is started using sudo for restarting services and modifying rc.conf.

PHP script -> start shell script sudo ./modify-network IP NETMASK GW

Sudo entry for this should be in format:

www ALL=(root) NOPASSWD: /path/to/modify-network

Remember to filter your input in PHP script. Check if IP number is real IP not rc.conf-injection ;) like"\nDAEMONS=(!apache).

And remember to redirect user to new address after you change it (when user press "Change IP" button, post data, do some javascript sleep 1 and window.location.href = 'http://NEW_IP/';

You could also use SELinux to add more security to this solution...

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