I've got a directory with various files:


And I want to loop through all the .jsx files. So I wrote this Bash script:

for JSX_FILE in "$BUILD_DIR/*.jsx"; do   
    echo $JSX_FILE
    echo "PATH: $JSX_FILE"
    JSX_FILENAME=$(basename "$JSX_FILE")
    echo "NAME: $JSX_FILENAME"

But for some reason that would print this:


PATH: /path/to/*.jsx

NAME: *.jsx

So I don't understand why in one case $JSX_FILE has the value /path/to/View.jsx and in another case it has the value /path/to/*.jsx. How can I make sure this variable will have the same value everywhere within the loop?

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    what do you think is the difference between echo $JSX_FILE and echo "$JSX_FILE" ? – Jimmy Nov 4 '17 at 17:43

Quoting the glob inhibits globbing.

for JSX_FILE in "$BUILD_DIR"/*.jsx; do   
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    Specifically, the asterisk gets passed in to the loop unchanged, and then it's only expanded when the shell runs the echo command. – dannysauer Nov 4 '17 at 22:37

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