I want to copy and rename multiple files from one directory to another. Particularly, I want something like this:


copied into


I've tried some things like these which don't work:

  • cp /tmp/tmp.XXX/*.original.txt /root/hello/*.txt
  • find /tmp/tmp.XXX/ -name '*.original.txt' | xargs -i cp /root/hello/dump-{}.txt
  • for f in /tmp/tmp.XXX/*.original.txt; do cp -- "$f" "/root/hello/dump-$f.txt"; done

Usually the above codes result in error:

cp: cannot create regular file '/root/hello/dump-/tmp/tmp.XXX/aaa.original.txt.txt': No such file or directory

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bash solution:

for f in /tmp/tmp.XXX/*.original.txt; do 
    bn="${f##*/}"   # extracting file basename
    cp "$f" "/root/hello/dump-${bn%%.*}.txt"

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