Studying the Github backup-utils I found the command bm_start inside their scripts. This is an example that uses the bm_start and bm_end, with some other code between them.

According to the project page, the pre-requisite to use the scripts is:

Linux or other modern Unix operating system with bash, git, OpenSSH, and rsync v2.6.4 or newer.

Where does this command come from? How does it work?
I could not find references to bm_start with man or apropos, nor by Googling it.


They're shell functions defined in share/github-backup-utils/bm.sh, pulled in via share/github-backup-utils/ghe-backup-config.

  • Whoah! That explains why my current bash session was able to use the bm_* functions...I had not realized that the script was using BASH_SOURCE from another location. Thanks! – Eduardo Baitello Nov 3 '17 at 19:09

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