I’m trying to use grep to find lines that start with duplicate alpha characters (a-zA-z). What would be the proper grep command to accomplish this?

This is what I have so far:

grep -E '[:alpha:]' $lines1

This seems to be the expression you seek:


As shown here:

$ grep -E '^([A-Za-z])\1' input
$ grep -E '^([[:alpha:]])\1' input
$ cat input

To expand on the expression:

 NODE                     EXPLANATION
 ^                        the beginning of the string
 (                        group and capture to \1:
   [A-Za-z]                 any character of: 'A' to 'Z', 'a' to 'z'
 )                        end of \1
 \1                       what was matched by capture \1
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    The version with [:alpha:] works with accented characters (according to the current locale), the one with [A-Za-z] doesn't. FWIW. – Satō Katsura Nov 2 '17 at 19:10

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