I have a USB flash drive that I'm using to boot machines with. It can boot with several GNU/Linux distributions, including Mint 17 [Cinnamon]. The only annoying factor is that I always have to change the keyboard layout once the desktop appears. I remember older versions of Ubuntu used to have a language/keyboard menu to set the language and keyboard layout before booting.

Does Linux Mint Live DVD also provide such a feature, i.e. (at least) change keyboard layout before booting? Ideally I'd write the necessary kernel arguments in the bootloader configuration file.

EDIT: Don't be misled by me using Live DVD / Live USB as I actually used live DVD ISO images that I extracted and configured for running off the USB flash drive. So the flash drive is not formatted with an ISO image but is partitioned with some extra, usable storage space.

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You can pass rd.vconsole.keymap= (Or vconsole.keymap= if that does not work)


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