Rather odd behaviour I've picked up on; after scrolling (a noticeably large amount) in one window, alt-tabbing to another window and then attempting to scroll even just a single line, this new window scrolls by both that single line and the previous window's scrolling action.

If done with a large initial scroll, this is very obvious as it'll cause the second page to scroll well beyond a single scroll "tick" as expected with a mouse with a discrete scroll-wheel.

Here's a video of me attempting to demonstrate this.

To replicate yourself:

  1. Open two windows with content long enough to allow noticeable scrolling.
  2. Focus one, then alt-tab to the other so that you can easily switch directly between the two with a single "alt-tab".
  3. Scroll from the top of one down a sizeable length
  4. Switch to the second and attempt to scroll only a single "tick"

I've had this happen on my personal laptop, a desktop that I use and also confirmed it occurring for a friend on their desktop.

Does this occur for anyone else, and does anyone know if this is intentional?

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Late reply but this seems to be a bug in WebKit:

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