In the past this command has worked well for me, when disconnecting from a network without turning off my wifi interface:

nmcli con down id MyWifiName

When I run it now I'm getting:

Error: 'MyWifiName' is not an active connection.
Error: no active connection provided.

I might not be connected via nmcli.

Is there another way I can turn off the network? I need to make sure the interface stays on. Otherwise I would try something like nmcli radio wifi off.

Anyone know another command?

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I ended up finding the source of this issue by running nmcli c which returned a list of all the available wifi connections.

The connection I was on was highlighted in green with the name MyWifiName 2. For some reason the list included duplicates of my wifi network MyWifiName, MyWifiName1, and MyWifiName2.

So I tried running nmcli con down id "MyWifiName 2" which worked.

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