I am trying to apply MPLS on mininet and I was able to install iproute2, the problem that I have is when I try to use any command in the format

ip -f mpls xxx

I always get an error.

I was able to insert a route

mininet> r1 ip route add encap mpls 400 via inet
mininet> r1 ip route show dev r1-eth0 proto kernel scope link src  encap mpls  400 via dev r1-eth1 dev r1-eth1 proto kernel scope link src 

but I am not able to see it using the correct command for mpls

mininet> r1 ip -f mpls route show

also when I try to do a swap of the labels I get an error

mininet> r5 ip -f mpls route add 400 as 405 via inet
RTNETLINK answers: Invalid argument

any help will be greatly appreciated.


I solved my problem by changing the value on /proc/sys/net/mpls/platform_labels the value set here will be the highest label value that can be used

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