If I open the gnome-terminal within the gnome-terminal, the newly created terminal automatically gets disowned from the parent.

Opening the gnome-terminal within the gnome-terminal

Some other applications do not.

Opening notepadqq in the gnome-terminal

How to simulate that behavior? How to not disown the new created terminal?

Thanks for your attention.

EDIT: For some reason, if I add the '--disable-factory' flag I get exactly the effect I want to get. Maybe there is something wrong with my config files.


I believe what you are looking to do is run the program in the "background". This can be done using the ampersand symbol (&) after the command:

$ notepadqq &
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    This is the opposite of what the user wants. They want to start gnome-terminal "in the foreground". – Kusalananda Mar 12 '18 at 19:58
  • My mistake. You are right @Kusalananda. – AntumDeluge Mar 20 '18 at 23:37

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