How can I run applications from terminal?
For some applications I can find the path/name using which or whatis: which python or whatis mathematica or whatis math, but I can't run them by typing mathematica or math.
However, python works fine and I don't know what command I should give to chromium to run it. I can give a command to tor-browser to run in terminal, though.

I am using Debian Stretch with Gnome desktop.


Try chromium-browser.

If that doesn't work, issue the command dpkg-query -L chromium to list all the files installed during installation of chromium browser. One of these files will be your binary.


Find the actual name of your application and then type it in the terminal:


If you've run the application from GUI before, right-click the name in the menu and you should see the command/path of the application under Properties. That is where the actual name could be found as well.

Or you could search for it using find or apt-cache search or ...

Or maybe you have to add its location to PATH.


The world is full of options.

  • Thank you slybloty. I was looking for that, right click and command. I can find paths of many (almost all installed programs with it).However there occurs the problem when I try to do that with Mathematica in /bin/sh/usr/local/Wolfram/Mathematica/11.2/Executables, right clicking does not show the dialogue box with "command" in it. The dialogue box which appears has no "command" line/section. However, I found a path where there is a Mathematica icon, when I right click on it, it shows the command which I can use to run it from terminal. Path was /usr/share. – Jawad_Mansoor Nov 2 '17 at 1:45

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