I want to edit bsdinstall script of freebsd 9.0 iso file.

I tried to extract files,edit and recreate iso but I couldn't boot it.I realized that some of files missed while extracting. I also use tools like "ISO Master" but when I try to open it, I get this error:

Failed to read directory tree: 'Rockridge filename missing when expected on image'

Now I am trying to mount it and edit inside mounted directory. But I can mount it only read-only format. Is there any way to mount writable format so that I can edit it?


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You can't edit file on mounted ISO image. But you can create a new one with all needed files. /usr/src/tools/tools/cd2dvd/cd2dvd.sh script uses mkisofs from sysutils/cdrtools (it's invoked in the end of the script). As you can see, it uses /boot/cdboot as boot image.

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