I have this script I'm basing my current script off of. I just don't understand why he has typeset result part dir=${1-$PWD} in there.

I get the same result if I just write dir=$PWD. With typeset is ${1-$PWD} changing how dir is set vs $PWD?


${1-$PWD} is a shell parameter expansion pattern.

It is used to expand to a default value based on another -- whatever on the right of -. Here, in your case:

  • If $1 is unset, then the expansion of $PWD would be substituted

  • Otherwise i.e. if $1 is set to any value (including null), its value would be used as the result of expansion


% echo "Foo${1-$PWD}"   

% set -- Spam

% echo "Foo${1-$PWD}"

That's not brace expansion, that's a standard parameter expansion operator (dates back to the Bourne shell in the 70s).


Expands to the value of $1 (the first positional parameter) if it is set (if $# is strictly greater than 0) even to the empty string, or to the content of the $PWD variable otherwise.


info zsh 'Parameter Expansion'

for details.

typeset is not Bourne nor POSIX, but it's not zsh-specific either. It comes from the Korn shell (from the early 80s) and is used to limit the scope of a variable to the current function. It's also found in bash and yash.


info zsh typeset

for details.


It tests $1 for a value, using that before $PWD.

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